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Income-Based Housing

Steven knows that the city needs to create a housing model that facilitates a range of price points that meet the needs of all citizens and socio-economic means and provides affordable homeownership and ultimately, the opportunity for generational wealth building. Steven proposes creating joint ventures with area builders in which the city acquires the land and the builder constructs and sells or leases the condo/apartment to residents who qualify at a lower condo/apartment price point. Steven is confident that this is an effective way to directly manage the issue, without the city becoming directly involved in the overall development process.

  • Increase densities to rezoned properties that stipulate that the increased densities must go to affordable dwelling unit.
  • Create a more effective Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) program, similar to other area jurisdictions where a larger percentage of rezoned units become directly targeted to the citizens who qualify. The present system does not assign a large enough portion of planned units for this program.
  • General subsidies are a temporary fix, but certainly not the end solution.
The buildings at Old Town

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